Saturday, May 19, 2012

Too Much Time

Yesterday we went to the French Quarter. There really wasn't much to see there concerning the Civil War except for the U.S. Mint which served as both U.S. and Confederate. Minting commenced in 1838. In 1861, when Louisiana seceded from the union, state authorities seized the property and transferred it to the Confederate Army. For a short time it was used to mint Confederate currency and to house Confederate troops. This ended when New Orleans was occupied by federal forces. Following the Civil War, during the period of Reconstruction, minting of U.S. coins resumed. It became non-functional in 1909. 

So, what does this post have to do with too much time? Our shuttle dropped us off at 10 and picked us up at 6. We were in the French Quarter for 8 hours and we were done seeing what we wanted to see after 3. We ate lunch at NOLA and people watched from outside Jax Brewery. Did you know that too much time was taken for the Civil War too? General McClellan on the Union side was given the plans General Lee had for battle. He did nothing with them. He made no decisions so many times. We have made a more visiting New Orleans...been there, done that!

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  1. Today we rest and then tomorrow we head for Vicksburg, MS


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