Saturday, May 26, 2012

Go Navy or Go Army?

Hey there sailor! Can you imagine signing a parental consent to let your 13 year old boy join the Civil War Navy? Well, it is so as you can see. Perhaps lots of parents these days would like to be able to do that! They served as "powder monkeys" because of their agility and speed to move gunpowder from the hold deep in the ship to the gun crews on deck. We were even more amazed at the number of ships that were used in the Civil War. There were brown water vessels that were used in rivers; green water vessels that were used on the coastal areas; and blue water vessels that were used in the deep ocean. In the museum we saw the remains of the stern of the CSS Chatahoochee and the remains of the CSS Jackson. Although the Naval Museum was interesting, I am still an Army girl! Go Army!!


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