Monday, May 21, 2012

In the Trenches

"In the trenches"...we all have heard that saying. Today we learned what it really meant to be digging a trench, being in the trench and getting out of the trench. The Union men must have had very strong backs and strong morale for they dug one trench 15 feet in front of the Confederate lines. They zig-zagged them to confuse the enemy. They dug many, many trenches. Some cursed, some prayed. Some made it out alive, some died. So it is with us, when we are in the trenches fighting our enemy, we can either curse or pray. Cursing may release the stress, but prayer releases power. Either one does not mean we will make it out of the trench alive, but prayer will help to go in peace even while the battle rages around us. Selah.

The USS Cairo was sunk in 1862 by an electrically detonated mine by the Confederates. All men were safe, but the ship sunk in 12 minutes! It was raised in 1964 and many artifacts were found and cleaned up. The gunboat has been restored and we found this truly amazing and interesting.
These are just a few of the  17,000 Civil War Union soldiers who are buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery. There are 5,000 Confederates buried in a totally different cemetery. We didn't get to see that. We are thankful Pemberton surrendered to Grant so that no more lives were lost here. Speaking of lost, we hope we don't get that way on the road to Montgomery, AL tomorrow.


  1. We won't get lost if you keep an eye on the map and road sings :)

  2. You see why I get mixed up on get mixed up on the keyboard!


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