Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Blog for Linda!

My friend, Linda, was looking for less Civil War related stuff and more vineyards...this one's for her! But, there is a dash of Civil War at the end to keep this true to the war.  

 The bricks were originally made by hand before the Civil War. The exterior siding came from sunken Cypress found in Florida before the Civil War.

The trusses in the production room were awesome.  

We wished we could have our name on a barrel in the members club!

 The floors and ceiling wood came from Utica, NY. 
The 40 foot heart pine beams in the tasting room came from an 1850 era warehouse in CT. 

 Blue bottles keep the evil spirits away!

It was an awesome tour and the wine was great too.

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  1. Two more glasses :) We'll be able to stock a full bar with glasses soon.


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